Saturday, February 8, 2014

Teens to Teens Reading Project Post 16

Hi Everyone! With less than a week to go before my Mid-Winter break, there has been a lot going on. However, I have found some time for my project. I’ve been a writing machine for the past week, writing The Fault in Our Stars and DIVERGENT series book reviews.  I just finished writing these book reviews this weekend  and hopefully will have them posted on my website ( by the following week. However, I will first be emailing them to my mentor, just to double check my writing and see if they include all the specific criteria needed. I am excited to be releasing the DIVERGENT series book review, because if you look at my previous posts, I did a special review where I reviewed the entire series. Also, because my project requires an eight minute speech to be given at the end of the year, I have been watching different TED talks about people who focused their speeches on books and reading. My favorite was about a woman named Lisa Bu, who grew up not being able to accomplish her dream but found confidence and role models in the different books that she read. Lisa was trying to stress how important reading is and how it can change and influence us as people in so many positive ways. I think that this is really inspiring because it is one of the main points that I want to include in my speech I have to give.

I think writing my speech is going to be the hardest part of this project. I’m really worried that I won’t include the right things to talk about. According to my teacher, my speech should be written by the end of next month. So the pressure is on. Also, the TEDx event being held at my school is official! This June I may have the opportunity of speaking in front of the entire world, as the video will be posted online.  

Keep checking out my website for more updates on book reviews and you can always contact me through the ‘Contact’ button on my website.

Above is the Lisa Bu TED talk. 


  1. Jackie, I am so impressed with all of the work you are putting into this project. Even though I only know you in terms of this blog, I can tell that you are a dedicated student and a passionate reader by the way you write about the books you've read and about your project in general. The research you've done just by watching different TED talks will definitely help you figure out the angle you take with your speech. My professor wants to bring TEDx event to my campus too, so I have been watching a lot of TED talks online as well, but I hadn't seen Lisa Bu's talk before reading your post. loved her point about the difference between obedience and honor. As for your own talk, don't stress about not including the right things; your speech should be about some aspect of your project or about the process that is important to YOU! Just like Lisa Bu discussed how books taught her important lessons, you can look at how the books you've reviewed (or even how your process of shaping books) has shaped your learning or your life. Keep up the awesome work!!


    1. Thank you! Your help and ideas contribute to my project every step of the way. I can't wait to share more about my progress later this week. Thanks again for supporting me!