Saturday, February 1, 2014

Teens to Teens Reading Project Post 15

My book reviews are finally here!
It’s been a very productive week for me because my book reviews are now available for anyone to read. That’s right; I created my very own website using And you can check it out and leave me book recommendations and comments by visiting . I’m very excited to share everything that I’ve written so far and will continually update the site according to the progress I make. So far, there are three book reviews up and they are The Elite, The Book Thief, and Delirium. I have written them in a format containing one paragraph of summary and one paragraph of my thoughts and persuasion of why you should read that particular book.  I think that this is a very logical approach because the longer and more language I use about literary elements, the fewer teenagers are going to want to read my book reviews.
In addition, I’ve continued reading United We Spy. It’s getting very interesting because the adventure of the story is about to start. Every Gallagher Girls book has a different adventure and mission to accomplish and I can’t wait to see what Cammie and her friends plan to solve this time. Being the final book in this series I have an idea of what the characters need to accomplish but I am not sure how they are going to. In this story, Cammie and her friends are trying to save Macey’s boyfriend, Preston, from the future that awaits him as a descendant of the Circle of Cavan.  This organization has been haunting Cammie for the past few books and now is plotting to disrupt the entire world with something unknown to the reader. I can’t wait to see what happens and plan to read another three chapters for next week.
 Remember you can check out my website and see my already completed book reviews and leave comments on books you want me to review by clicking the ‘Contact’ button. 


  1. Jackie, the website looks great!! I especially love the "contact" feature where people can suggest books for you to review next. That is a great way to keep your reviews relevant and exciting for your followers. What did you think of setting up your website with Weebly? I also have a Weebly website for a project I worked on last year (, and I thought the formatting process was pretty easy to figure out. I like your simple but inviting layout; I think lots of people will be excited to read what you have to say.

    Your project seems to be moving along well! It is fun to read about, especially since your reviews and reflections are written so intelligently and well organized. Looking forward to watching your process as you keep going! Happy reading :)

    1. I'm so glad you like my site. My teacher actually was the one who convinced me that everything I needed was what weebly had to offer. If he hadn't highly recommended it I probably would have made another blog; but I'm glad that I didn't. I enjoy the idea of being able to Google search my site and having it available on all devices.

      Thanks again for all of your support!