Tuesday, June 17, 2014

TEDx Video

This is my TEDx talk video about my 20 time project entitled "Happiness from Reading". Enjoy :)


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Teens to Teens Reading Project Post 25: The End?

Hi Everyone! It's been an amazing year with everything that I was able to accomplish with this project. But is it truly the end? In my mind, it's only the beginning and I want to talk a little bit about 20 time as a year in review. However before I do I have a little surprise for all of my readers. By now, you probably have checked out my website and maybe read some of my book reviews. Last week I said that I wasn't going to end my project and continue reading and writing book reviews. But in order to keep you all posted about what I am reading and the progress I have made post- 20 time, I will be transferring all my blog posts about this project to my website and I will continue blogging through my website. In addition, I hope to create a twitter account this summer to give instant and quick updates. So please be patience and soon enough I will be once again blogging about what I've been up to.

Now, let's talk about 20 time.

My opinion on 20 time is that it is an extraordinary concept that allows students to create/do/produce something that they have always been passionate about but couldn't find the time for during the school year. For me, 20 time allowed me to rediscover my love for reading and bring it back to be a part of my daily life.

However, there are some aspects of 20 time that should be adjusted for future students. It was really hard to find something to blog about every week. I think that blogging every two weeks is a much better idea as it allows students to actually complete some work for their project and write more than they would with blogs every week. I also thought that the class room time was very beneficial for me personally, as I was able to read in class, but I know friends and other classmates that couldn't complete anything on their project (other than blog posts). Maybe a solution to this problem would be to dedicate certain weekends to not having English homework and using that time instead to work on 20 time projects. But, there are also things that should not be changed about 20 time. I do not believe in taking away Friday time from students because it was something that I looked forward to every week. And even though I was just reading and others were sitting around, it allowed us to having planning time on what to do next in our projects.

Because of this, I think 20 time is something that more students should be offered in school. The fact that Grosse Pointe South High School is holding a TEDx event furthermore proves that students, teenagers, are able to produce amazing results and that 20 time encourages people to find their passion and see what they are able to create.

With these thoughts, I encourage others to reflect and find or discover their passions. For students doing 20 time in the following years, don't be afraid of failure or not having the coolest project because, like me, you can still do something awesome (even if it's small) and inspire others to do something similar. I wouldn't change anything I have done with this project and it is extremely important to not regret anything; even if you felt that you wasted your 20 time. Because you didn't, you discovered that it's hard to find time, become motivated, and  most importantly, you either discovered what you are passionate about or what you are not. So don't view 20 time as something negative because it didn't live up to your expectations, view it as a personal growing project and something that could quite literally change your life.

And finally, I just want to thank everyone for supporting me as a speaker at TEDx Grosse Pointe South HS. This was such a wonderful experience and I cannot thank all of my family, friends, mentor, and teacher enough. Having this opportunity has enabled me to change other people's lives with my ideas. I thought that the event went very smoothly other than the few minor problems (technological issues) but, that's always going to happen. Hosting a TEDx event at GPSHS is something that I think my school should continue to do because the talks that were given today were only a few students' ideas, next year there will be more and the year after that as well. The TEDx experience is worth wild and I am so happy to have shared that with my classmates, friends, and family.

So once again, thank you all for standing by me throughout this entire project but remember, this is only the beginning for me.


These are all pictures from twitter about my TEDx talk/pictures I am in! Look for my speech on the TEDx YouTube channel within the next week!

Friday, June 6, 2014


Hi Everyone! I just wanted to announce to you all that I will be speaking tomorrow at TEDx Grosse Pointe South High School!! It has been such a great honor to be chosen as a speaker. I will be talking about how I found happiness from reading through this project. I just want to thank all the readers who visited this blog every week and believed and supported this project. Without you all, I would have never made it to where I am today and I wouldn't be speaking in front of the world tomorrow. If anyone wants to watch my speech or my other friends and classmates here is the live stream link: http://www.ted.com/tedx/events/11505 (all you have to do is click watch the live webstream).

Please continue checking my website and leaving me comments. I look forward to speaking in front of all of you tomorrow!


Monday, May 26, 2014

Teens to Teens Reading Project Post 24

       Hi Everyone! It’s been a while since I've blogged but, I have lots to tell you. First, I wrote my entire 20 time speech and gave it on Thursday. My speech was written from the bottom of my heart. I talked about how 20 time affected me and how it has changed me as a person and student. Because of this, I would never have found happiness and I would have never realized the true joys that reading brings into my life. With these ideas, my speech centered upon my life and experiences before, during, and after 20 time. I really wanted to show my peers that life without daily happiness is miserable and that by incorporating your passions into your everyday life, school can be even the least bit more enjoyable. But, it was so scary getting up in front of everyone; especially since I was one of the first people to present. I walked into the auditorium, where we were presenting, thinking that it was no big deal. I had practiced my speech and was confidence in myself; yet I still was freaking out on the inside and could not stop shaking and clattering my teeth (which I tried to blame on it being cold in the auditorium but let’s be real…it was me). However, I was honest with everyone and told them that I can be a very awkward and funny person (this being advice from my English teacher) and I was able to calm my nerves enough to give my speech. Looking back on this experience now, it has been an amazing journey and without it, I would still be an extremely stressed person. Reading is one of my passions and I realized without it, I was never able to enjoy school.

       Now, I am waiting to see if I am chosen to speak at the TEDx event, being held at my school. Being asked to speak at this event would be an amazing experience. I want to tell people those passions in life mean so much more than we actually think. And sharing my personal experiences and what I did to get there could inspire even just one person. And if my ideas inspire one person, that’s one more person in the world who was able to go after the things they love all because of my 20 time project.

        On a final note, I would like to let everyone know that because I am so passionate about reading and sharing it with others, I will continue to work on my website and write book reviews into the summer and hopefully throughout the following years. So please be patience, because I promise that soon I will have the book reviews written on The Great Gatsby, The Catcher in the Rye, and The Mortal Instruments City of Bones. And for now, I will continue reading The Mortal Instruments City of Ashes.

       Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my final blog post about my 20 time project in the next two weeks. But don’t get sad, I have some tricks up my sleeve to keep you informed about my website and summer reading that we will talk about next time!


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Teens to Teens Reading Project Post 23

Hi Everyone! Its been a little crazy in with my project since the school year is coming to a close. Since returning to school from Easter break, I unfortunately have not been able to write a review on The Mortal Instruments City of Bones or The Great Gatsby. However, once AP testing and my dance competitions are done, there will be much more time to write and publish reviews for my website. I also have starting reading the second book in The Mortal Instruments series. It is called the City of Ashes and I really like where the story is going. I was reading the book yesterday and was cringing at the different interactions between Simon and Clary. It is so interesting to see what has become of them after the 'jaw dropping ending' in the first book. So far, I have read up to page 96 since picking the book up from the library two weekends ago. I am at the point in the story where the evil Valentine has returned from the shadow hunter dimension to finish what he started in the City of Bones. Over all I am excited to see what will happen in the story; and I am hoping that I will be able to read the rest of the books this coming summer in time for the next book coming out in the series.

In addition, I have written my entire 20 time speech and I'm working on memorizing and practicing presentation. I am getting excited that the TEDx event is coming up so soon but also worried about speaking in front of over a hundred people. I know that standing in front of people will not be a problem, due to my dancing experience up on a stage, but I am not sure how I respond to actually having to talk up on stage. This weekend I plan to convert my eight minutes of speaking, that I have written out, into bullet points and slowly work my way to not needing any notes at all before the finally week of May. If anyone wants to attend this TEDx event, please sign up for a ticket request soon by checking out the TEDx website for Grosse Pointe South High School for more information (http://www.ted.com/tedx/events/11505).

Thanks again for reading my blog and I hope that as the school year comes to an end, the end result of my project will be just as great as anticipated.


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Teens to Teens Reading Project Post 22

Hi Everyone! I’ve had a really great break and I hope you did as well. Spending time and being with my family has always been very important to me. And just being around them for Easter gave me some great ideas for my 20 Time speech. As a result, I now have my speech written and completed. The only thing that I am lacking is one picture for my slide show, which will be shown during my speech. But I am hoping I will find something that fits the idea for that part of my speech soon enough. My speech is about my life and how my project affected me and the happiness that reading brought back into my life. I am really excited to put all the finishing touches on this speech because I would really like to be chosen to speak at my school's TEDx event in order to share my ideas. I want to show people how doing the things that you love can make a huge difference in our lives. I feel like too many people are unhappy with the way things are for them; and sometimes it could be themselves causing their own unhappiness without them even realizing it. I want to show people that nothing ever has to stay unhappy, that they can still find time for the things that they love doing, because that is true happiness.

In addition to writing my speech, I also finished reading The Mortal Instruments City of Bones.  But because I had relatives visiting right and left this week, I was unable to start the second book in the series. However I can assure you that I will be visiting the library later today to go and pick up the second installment of The Mortal Instruments. I really enjoyed the book because it was a completely new concept for fantasy novels. It included all the monsters: vampires, werewolves, wizards, and new demons as well. The City of Bones was the perfect blend of Harry Potter, Twilight, and Divergent. If you liked any of these series, I am sure you will enjoy The Mortal Instruments as well. It has romance, action adventure, and magical mysteries. Therefore, I hope to have this review written and uploaded to my website within two weeks; and I also will work on writing the book review for The Great Gatsby as well.

On a final note, I put up my flyers, advertising my website, at my local library. I am hoping that this will invite more teenagers to check out my website and hopefully leave helpful comments that will improve my reading selection or website.

Thanks for reading and stayed tuned for more information in the next two weeks!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Teens to Teens Reading Project Post 21

Hi Everyone! I have accomplished a lot since the last time I have blogged. First, I have written the book review for Tessa & Scott Our Journey from Childhood Dream to Gold and I hope to have this posted on my website within the next week. I am excited to finally be putting this review up on my site because Tessa and Scott have personally inspired me and I want others to read this book and also be inspired. In addition, I hope to include some pictures and a video of Tessa and Scott in the book review. Furthermore, I still have yet to write a book review for The Great Gatsby but I will write this review as soon as I can.

In my last blog post, I mentioned that I have made flyers advertising my website. I unfortunately did not have time to put these up at my local library, but I plan to have these put up when I am off for spring break. I will also be researching the flyer policies at my school and see if I am able to also put the flyers up around my school. I hope that by putting up flyers, teens will be more likely to know about my website and I can hopefully attract a large audience to my website. As I've said before, teenagers need to see that they are capable of going after their dreams and doing something with them.

As well, the United We Spy book review has finally made it to my website. You can visit and read about one of my favorite book series or leave a comment directly on the book review or via the contact form to share your opinion with me. I encourage anyone to do this, as I would love to hear what your thoughts are about my reviews, website, and the books themselves.

Therefore, because I have finished reading The Great Gatsby and Tessa & Scott Our Journey from Childhood Dream to Gold, I am ready for a new book. This time I have chosen The Mortal Instruments City of Bones.  The book has already been made into a movie and later this summer the second book is supposedly, also, being made into a movie. But, I choose this book because I haven’t read any fantasy books in a while. I am currently on page 203 out of 485 pages. So far, the book is really good. I enjoy the story line about demon hunters trying to track down the bad guy; and the characters are all so fabulous. I absolutely love their quirks and most of their personalities. I cannot wait to read more about this book and share it with you.

And that’s all. I am working on my TEDx talk and will have it written before the end of this month. I have also been thinking about adding some new features to my website, but for now I am going to keep those ideas a surprise. Please keep checking out my website for new reviews and content and as always, thanks for reading!


Above is the video I will be attaching to my review about Tessa and Scott. 
It gives a really good over view about their lives and skating career together. 

Above is the movie trailer for City of Bones book to give you an idea of the story.